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Meet the Players: Mike Mutryn

11/13/2013, 7:00pm EST
By Tommy Chalk


Mike Mutryn isn’t known as Mike Mutryn on the team.  He goes by “Gaston,” the villain of the classic Beauty and the Beast movie.  But, it’s not his personality that gave him the name. 


“It’s a self-proclaimed nickname, but the team’s kind of adopted it,” Gaston said with a laugh.  “I feel like I embody his physique a little bit.”                       


That physique gives Mutryn a hard shot, which is easily the strongest point of his game.  He’s had the powerful shot all of his life, and constantly works at it.  Recently, Mutryn worked on giving his shot a quicker release, which is starting to pay off.


“(He) works his tail off, listens and learns,” Head Coach Bill Krampf said.  “Quick hard shot and tireless effort should pay dividends this year.”


This is Mutryn’s first year at Maryland.  He first attended Miami University in Ohio, and spent a year at Montgomery College.  He has played his hockey all around the Maryland area, first starting out in house leagues and eventually moving on to travel teams.  He spent one year at Tri City Hockey as well, and won an IAC Conference Championship with the Landon Bears.  Mutryn actually played on of his first house leagues with one of his current Terps team mates Chris Schrump.


When Gaston is not using his slap shot on the ice, he turns his attention to a company he and a friend started at the University of Miami in Ohio.  The entrepreneur started Vendr, the college version of Craigslist.  He plans on applying to the business school to study finance or international business, and his backup plan is economics.  He’s a huge fan of the tv shows It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Breaking Bad and Entourage. He loves listening to hip-hop, mainly Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake.  He also listens to house and electronic music to get himself fired up for the games.  His favorite team is the Washington Capitals, and his favorite player is a tie between Alexander Ovechkin and Patrick Kane.  Mutryn is also big on fitness.  He takes care of his body through conditioning and training, and especially his nutrition.


"What I eat three days before a game will affect me the day of the game,” Mutryn said.  “I’m very careful and meticulous about my diet and my meal preparations.”


Now that he is a part of Maryland’s hockey team, he’s excited to see what the team can accomplish this season.


“I have high expectations for the team,” Gaston said.  “It’s a great group of guys, highly organized.  Very classy organization.  I expect to go very far, and ultimately make it to Nationals and make an impact.”



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